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AAU Spring Season 2024

$800 per player Travel Ball Fee includes the following for March, April & May:
-All Practices
-5 Tournaments
-Tournament Insurance

You will be responsible for all other fees. You can start paying fees as early as October. To ensure we are able to secure the gym for practice, reserve our space for tournaments and have uniforms ready on time, a minimum payment of $270 is due by January 15, 2024. We will need the total amount paid by March 15th to cover costs.

-Minimum Payment Due Jan 15 - $270

-Remainder of Full Payment Due Mar 15 - $530

To help offset costs, some players have asked family members and friends for donations using a simple pledge form. For example, you could get 20 family members and friends to donate $20 each for your son’s fees. That way you’re only playing $400 out of pocket. If you would like a copy of the pledge sheet, please private message Coach Moore ASAP.

If necessary, other options are available. Please reach out to Coach Moore ASAP. 

Fees are structured based on the number of players on each team. NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  

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Practice Location

Helquist Gymnasium
8200 Cypress Plaza Dr Unit 202
Jacksonville, FL 32256

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Tournaments & Additional Play

Five tournaments on the schedule are covered by the initial fee. Typically, we play one tourney in March, two in April and two in May. We create the schedule to give parents a weekend off in between tournaments.

However, when we are approaching an off-weekend, we may reach out to see if your son wants to play in a local tournament. If there is enough interest, we’ll split the cost between participating players. For example, if the tournament cost is $400 and there are 10 participating players, each player will pay $40 to participate.

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All players will have the opportunity to play for any team that we have in their grade/age group. Once the teams are set, there's very little room for change. Some kids will be placed on teams that will give them a better chance at development and making their High School teams vs playing on a team they choose. If we aren’t playing, we will be practicing. I understand parents needing a break, taking vacations etc. Missing practice or games under those circumstances are perfectly fine. Please just let your coach know in advance.

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If you are on an Elite team, you are expected to play for 904 Elite only, unless prior arrangements have been made. These teams are playing or will have the opportunity to play on a national circuit. We need to be able to count on you to be at every scheduled tournament.


Refs ref, coaches coach, players play and parents cheer. Please play your role. These games are hard enough as is so let's just have some fun and let these kids have the opportunity to reach their potential. If you have an issue with the playing time or how a game went, please use the 24-hour rule and wait 24 hours before reaching out to your son’s coach.

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